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Our Concept of “A Human Touch to Technology"

Technology Concept

Material-handling and construction and industrial equipment have undergone drastic design changes to accommodate urban environments. They need to meet a variety of requirements such as have low-noise, clean-running engines, have low fuel consumption, and be user friendly. Leading-edge technologies are utilized to fully satisfy these current needs and ergonomic considerations.
We are successfully developing highly accurate, functional, and reliable machines through the use of mechatronics, optical fibers, new materials, computers, and other items.
Kato Works is certified as a manufacturer of carriers specifically designed for cranes. These specialized carriers are designed and developed by Kato in-house to maximize the performance of our all terrain cranes. The technologies we use in the design and development of crane and rough-terrain crane carriers are continually shared among our product lines and have resulted in the high level of safety, performance and reliability of these products.


Global Standards Born in Japan

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy is based on the principle of “putting the customer first.” One of our key successes has been establishing a strong relationship with our customers by constantly refining and improving our technology over the years.
Customer feedback is sent to our Design Departments where it can be acted upon directly, with great potential for technical development. Because our Sales and Engineering Departments closely work together, we are able to advance customer oriented thinking and have established an unequalled reputation for reliability.

Global Sales Operation

We have sold tens of thousands of products in 120 countries worldwide for more than half a century. We aim to further increase awareness and appreciation of the KATO brand by supplying high-performance and high-quality products through our local distributors around the world.
Our Overseas Marketing Department conducts dynamic marketing activities in accordance to our mid to long-term strategy “Progress to the Next Stage”. We work with our distributors as partners to develop a market strategy for each country.


Our Motto is “Quality Secures Customer Satisfaction”

Product Support

In order to satisfy our customers and to make sure our products always operate at their best, our product support department has established a comprehensive support system.
We are committed to assuring the quality of our products via our global support networks.
We are also fully equipped with the latest knowledge and training skills, and thoroughly maintain our hardware and software technology.

The members of our support staff increase each other’s knowledge by exchanging engineering information from field operations and the front line operations during daily meetings. They also pass on the information from users to product developing teams.