newsA Field Experiment on Remote Operation of Rough Terrain Crane

As its long-term goal, KATO WORKS CO.,LTD. is researching the remote control for its Rough Terrain Crane and All Terrain crane to achieve a future potential of more efficient work with fewer personnel involved.

In November 2022, with the help of Soliton Systems Co. and KDK Co., a field experiment was implemented on the remote crane operation of Rough Terrain Crane.

In KATO’s Ibaragi factory, an operating system was set up indoors to operate a crane that was set up outdoors remotely. Various aspects of operation, including operation feeling, maneuverability, safety, etc., were tested during the experiment. Although, at the current stage, operating remotely still feels different from operating from the cabin seat, much progress has been made because it has been proven that it is possible to achieve remote operations. Furthermore, there are ways to improve on technicalities and other aspects.

In the future, KATO will continue to work on remote operations of cranes and other products.