newsKATO WORKS, Shinmei Industries, Chubu International Airport, Hino Motors
Demonstration Experiment on Autonomous Driving of Sweeper Trucks in Airport Restricted Area

In collaboration with Shinmei Industries, Chubu International Airport, and Hino Motors, KATO WORKS started a demonstration experiment today to improve safety and productivity in airports’ restricted areas. Based on a small truck with autonomous driving (with personnel onboard checking safety in surroundings), paired with high-power vacuum road sweeper technology from KATO WORKS, this experiment is set to take place at Chubu International Airport (Aichi).

This demonstration experiment aims at introducing autonomous driving sweepers to airport runways and taxiways. Especially under night conditions and monotoned repeating work conditions, autonomous driving could improve work quality and efficiency. Data on such improvements are expected to be collected with this experiment.

We’ll discuss the implementation of such autonomous driving sweepers at the conclusion of this experiment.

1. Demonstration Experiment Overview

2. Autonomous Driving System

A picture of the autonomous driving road sweeper truck