Please be Cautious of Contacts from Individuals Impersonating Our Company Executives

Recently, we have received reports that individuals impersonating our company executives have been making contact via email or phone in the United States and Canada. They have been soliciting representatives to lead newly established local offices on behalf of our company in these regions.
We want to clarify that our company and its subsidiaries are not currently establishing any new local offices in the United States or Canada, nor are we soliciting representatives for such positions.
These emails and phone calls may pose a fraud risk and are not affiliated with our company group. Please exercise caution and take the following actions if you encounter suspicious communication:

  1. ● If you receive communication from individuals claiming to be our company executives regarding employment notifications or instructions related to cash collection and transfers at offices in the United States or Canada, do not respond immediately. Instead, verify the content directly with KATO WORKS using means other than the provided email addresses or phone numbers in the suspicious contacts.
  2. ● Be wary of emails coming from addresses that resemble our domain in a similar way. For example,,, etc. These could be potential fraudulent attempts. Please refrain from opening such emails. Our genuine sender domain is
  3. ● If you receive suspicious emails, promptly delete them and avoid opening any URLs or attachments provided in the content.

For inquiries related to this matter, please contact us from below.