• Outrigger's pad forces provided on this site are theoretical values, rather than practical ones. The actual one may be changed according to ground conditions such as toughness.
  • The calculation provided on this site differs from the method programmed in CD-ROM version, which may lead to a different result between two calculation methords.
  • Outrigger's pad forces provided on this site show a maximum value with a full range of 360 degrees slewing.
  • The rated lifting capacity presented in the specifiction is used as working condition data. When a setting of boom can be adopted with plural settings of outrigger's extended width or counterweights, then rated lifting capacity should be calculated with a maximum outrigger's extended width and a maximum counterweight that are available.
  • The maximum lifting height does not include deflection of boom and fly jib.
  • Our company does not bear any responsibility with respect to direct or indirect damages or loss caused by the use of or inability to use the outrigger's pad force calculation service.
  • During the use of outrigger's pad force calculation service, server error could happen due to the overloaded server or the data updating. In such cases, please wait a while and then try to access again.
  • Contents of outrigger's pad force calculation is subject to change without notice.